About us


IOSAFF, not only competitions and film screenings but also an artists tour during which we explore creative activities in various artistic specialties.
If You're a filmmaker, screenwriter, designer, actor or actress, musician or band, painter or sculptor, or any other creative expression, we welcome you to the tours of creative artists...
For you: 4 days for a traveling festival (artist tour) on the beaches of California, we launch creative projects that bring people together, and we create high-impact campaigns with influencers to motivate audiences to share their creativity.

* On the edge of the sea, various artistic expressions

*At sunset

Cocktail in honor of the creators, a meeting with the producers, distributors, and media.

* Screening of finalist films on the beaches of California

The films semi-finalist will be on Vimeo on demand & advertising their trailers in the same time with the finalist film screening.

* IOSAFF provides filmmakers with the opportunity to present their work through panel discussions, Q&As and to meet distributors and leaders of community organizations.