Rules & Terms

All submission must be, castal cultures, islands, ocean adventures & people, and sea themed. Documentaries features & short of any length and any style are eligible.

This includes movies on ocean adventures, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, traveling, cliff diving, sailing, kite surfing, rowing, swimming, marine ecosystems, marine flora and fauna.

- The film must have been completed in 2018 and even before. If the film is not available on the internet, it will be screened in the special heritage section linked to the history of human beings with the sea..

- The film must be available for a maximum of 4 screenings during the event.

- Films must have English subtitles.

- Filmmakers are required to ensure that their documents comply with the copyrights.

- All technical questions related to the films submitted are the responsibility of the candidate.

_ The finalist films will be screened on Californian beaches for four days.

- Semi-finalist films will air on Vimeo on Demand for four days

Your film will be available for viewing on Vimeo on demand as part of a series of films that make up the festival, and it will be live for the four day festival.

Then, Vimeo on Demand broadcasts will continue after the festival, with each film's income depending on the number of viewers. The expected income from our marketing efforts and services will be shared equally between the festival & producer after deduction of 10% for other services.

Note / Vimeo streaming is optional and chargeable

To this end, the festival will create separate VODs for each film on


If my film is online for 4 days, will this effect my festival screening chances elsewhere ?

Only if the film festival you're worried about has their respective dates running at the same time. The selection from us of your film and this online screening is much the same as being part of our live screening festival, except it will be online, but for 4 days. After the festival officially finishes, your film will be removed from our system completely, unless you choose to continue with us but the income generated by the film will be shared with us.

What control does IOSAFF have over my submission and screening rights during the festival?

None. You can do whatever you want with your film during the festival, before or after - we don't care about that sort of thing, it's your film! If you wish to remove yourself from the competition at any point that is fine also - just make sure you let us know.

Will it cost money to watch the films, how much and why are you charging?

Yes, it will cost $10 to rent the collection for the week. This is the most minimum fee we can afford - our aim is to break even. Vimeo on demand is not cheap, neither is the marketing costs and the overriding function of our combined platform. We also believe, firmly, that indie film shouldn't be given away for free. Our ultimate aim is to build audiences bringing people to independent VOD projects who are happy to pay to watch them.

We will be sending you a link to the online festival prior to going live and we'd like it very much if you shared this link with all of your friends, family and supporters, to gain as much audience as possible for these brilliant films.